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Security & Technology Support

Using cloud based platforms can be the most secure and resilient way to do business. The cloud is also be the best way for a business to collaborate with its customers but with those opportunities comes risk.

Problem: Lack of IT skills and persistent IT issues draining business resources

Solution: A tailored package of security & technology support that lets you focus on what you do best

Risk is part of doing business. The impact of not addressing cyber threats can be long term. Risks to your data should be treated in the same way as other financial or business risks, especially where threats and vulnerabilities are constantly changing.

The world of technology is constantly evolving and the opportunities for businesses are potentially unlimited. But the risk of things going wrong are at an all time high. The impact of poorly managed IT systems on the health and well being of a business and its people can be disastrous. The frequency of criminal and malicious attempts to access your data has never been higher, and sadly, the volume of cyber attacks will only increase.  

While illegal access to your data draws all the headline, the reality is this – the biggest threat to your data, systems and business comes from within. Accidental changes or deletion by your own team is the threat that often goes ignored. It doesn’t have to be that way. There are solutions and best practices available to counteract this threat.

Decades of experience plus our strong relationship with Google, combined with the smartest technology on the planet means that Flying Fox is your perfect Cloud partner. We’ll help you know what you don’t know. We can tell you exactly what your current security state is and we can help you make the right business decisions for the future.

What Are the Risks?

The risks from security threats are similar to the risks you anticipated when you considered what would happen if you didn’t move to the cloud:

  • Direct financial loss
  • Reputational damage
  • Regulatory issues and potential fines
  • Missed business opportunities
  • Impact on customer experience and perception

The Source of Risk

There are different types of people and organisations who pose a risk to your business information assets:

  • Cyber criminals interested in making money through fraud or from the sale of valuable information
  • Industrial competitors and foreign intelligence services, interested in gaining an economic advantage for their own companies or countries
  • Hackers who find interfering with computer systems an enjoyable challenge
  • Hacktivists who wish to attack companies for political or ideological motives, or just to show they can
  • Employees, or those who have legitimate access, either by accident or deliberate misuse

Our Solution

We have strong relationships with our clients and we use the most comprehensive technology solutions available that have proven their capabilities. Add in our expertise and robust processes and we’re confident that Flying Fox IT can be your perfect partner.

We will help you –

  • Improve your business resilience
  • Support business continuity
  • Improve customer and stakeholder confidence
  • Reduce the risks of financial impact
  • Protect your reputation


We will give you the confidence to answer the following question:

What would happen to your business if one of your risks became a reality?

We offer a fixed cost monthly plan that includes all the features your business needs and none of the ones you don’t. This fixed-fee set up gives you the peace of mind that your business is secure, efficient and protected from IT nightmares whilst allowing you to keep in control of IT costs.

You’re essentially benefiting from enterprise level IT support and advice at a fraction of the cost. We provide businesses with the following IT services:

  • On-Site & Remote Support: PCs, Macs and all mobile devices
  • Flying Fox IT’s Enhanced Security Protection
  • Enterprise Malware Protection
  • Daily safety checks, monthly reporting and daily software updates: to let you know how we’re keeping you protected
  • Back-Up and Disaster Recovery solutions
  • On-Site Health Checks: physical checks of your equipment
  • Regular Technology Reviews: at no additional charge to give you a competitive edge on the competition
  • Remote Checks: to identify any potential problems or updates before they become issues
  • Mobile Device Monitoring: allowing you to work remotely with peace of mind
  • Cost Saving Advice: for software licences and applications

Ultimate peace of mind for businesses who are serious about security

I subscribe to Flying Fox’s Monthly Managed IT Service. Having had a major IT issue with my laptop recently, I seriously don’t know what I would have done without Jonathan and his team. Due to my online back-up, I didn’t lose any of my work and only lost about 1 day’s productivity with getting hardware back in place. It’s great to know that with all my data now encrypted in the cloud, I am protected if anything like that happens again. Plus both mine and my clients’ data is secure. I can’t recommend Flying Fox IT highly enough.

Debbie Silvester , Eckington HR