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Thank you Practice Ignition :-)

It’s Friday evening, 7pm in Sussex, the sun is still shining and I have a walk on the South Downs planned via a couple of ale houses!

But before I leave my desk I wanted to post a huge thank you to the Practice Ignition team for organising a thoroughly enjoyable and interesting event this week in London. And a thank you to all the panelists that gave up their Wednesday evening to share their advice and insights about the world of business, technology and accounting for 2016 and beyond.



I would like to have time to write up more of my notes from the evening but for now I’d like to share what I typed on the train on my home after the event.

I’m a member of a wonderful online community of like-minded business people that uses a Slack Community for sharing ideas, resources and telling stories about our adventures in business. On the train on my way home on Wednesday evening I posted the following in one of the Slack channels and I thought I’d share it on my website too.

Just returning home from a cloud accounting event in London. Some of the UK’s top people in the industry, including Xero’s MD Gary Turner, were discussing technology, challenges & business strategy.

The world of work is changing faster than ever before and it was fascinating to listen to their insights.

Most people in this community would have enjoyed the evening as the panelists talked about a lot of the challenges that are discussed in these channels on a daily basis. Simon Sinek was quoted, customer experience was mentioned several times, as was having tried and tested processes in your business being a must have and when asked about how to be the best business, the answer I liked the most was: “to get ahead, start with the client experience.”

The UK’s small business sector is at the start of going through a huge change. The technology that our entrepreneurs and business leaders have been dreaming about is here. The days of complicated and painful accounting for a small business is over, expenses are not a PITA anymore, chasing overdue invoices is much, much easier and taking payments in the first place is a breeze.

Xero has built a global partner community of incredibly smart accountants, bookkeepers, software developers, business advisors and teachers and these people are here to help our small businesses. Every person who works in a small business would benefit from having easier, streamlined accounts and payment systems. People would benefit by being able to do business quicker, pay quicker and get paid faster too. Payroll, VAT returns, tax returns, end of year accounts, etc etc can all be a much easier process now.

If your business or a business you know is not benefiting from the new way of working then I urge you to check out Hopefully your accountant or bookkeeper will be advising you that there is a better way too. If not, then I hope they’ve got a plan for when they start losing their customers.

Jonathan Fox

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Jonathan Fox is a Cloud Integrator, helping small businesses to securely connect & access their information wherever they are, on any device. Google Cloud Partner and a massive fan of all things Xero.. or follow him on Twitter.

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