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Break Free from Old School IT

Work is not the place for vintage technology Retro software is not quite as exciting Slow computers make every day a pain Choose Google Apps for Work No more security patches or hidden fees No more tricky licenses or version issues No more downtime or servers No more shrink wrap   Contact us to find … Continued

How can cloud-based tools transform the way you do business?

Flying Fox IT are really excited to be exhibiting at BITE 2015: Business, Innovation, Technology, Efficiency. Carpenter Box along with Xero are bringing a brand new business and technology conference to Brighton on the 29th October. Join us to find out how cloud-based tools are transforming the way you can do business.   When it comes to … Continued

Xero and Google Docs make real-time collaboration easy

    Xero and Google Docs make real-time collaboration easy from Xero on Vimeo. In the past, collaborating with clients in real-time was a struggle for Sabrina Covington, founder of Covington & Associates CPAs. Luckily, Xero’s integration with Google Docs has made it much easier. “Google Docs has been a game-changer for us. There is … Continued

Our first Farmflo Xero Event – Oct 28th 2015

Farming Compliance made easy A unique opportunity for Farmers to get together for networking and to learn how to save time and simplify the paperwork associated with running a farm and meeting compliance requirements – the right technology can help you get out of the office and spend more time on the land. The presentation … Continued

LastPass Security Notice – June 15th 2015 – Don’t Panic.

Flying Fox IT’s response to the June 15th LastPass Security Notification     07:00 GMT 16/06/2015  Update Our advice still stands: 1st – Don’t Panic. 2nd – Use this as good opportunity to change your master password. It is a good habit to change your master password regularly anyway. If your master password is 12 … Continued

LastPass Enterprise Free Trial

Protect With an ever-increasing number of online breaches, compromised passwords are seemingly inevitable. Using unique, strong passwords at every site ensures that today’s small incident for one employee doesn’t turn into tomorrow’s headline for your business. LastPass automates logins with stored credentials. Sites posing as others will not match stored records, and will not be … Continued

HMG Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials – Get ahead of the Curve With Your Cyber Security

Security is a constant concern for anyone holding sensitive/financial data for their clients. Never before has the subject of hacking and cyber crime been so widespread. You or your business may have been affected or you will certainly know someone or a business that has been. The risk of being affected by common internet based threats can … Continued

Why I am attending Xerocon 2015.

I run a technology support business, I am not an accountant or bookkeeper but I am very excited about Xerocon next week. Why?   Getting excited about accounting  has never been a major part of my personality so eighteen months ago when I was asked if I would like to go to Xerocon London 2013, … Continued

Do you work really hard? Do you love what you?

Astley Clarke built a successful online luxury brand by embracing the latest in technology, using tools like Google Apps for Work along the way to improve their creative process, communicate face-to-face, and build strong relationships with their extended team of global suppliers and vendors.