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Want to help me make a difference to more small businesses?

Yesterday I started looking for people who would enjoy being part of our team at Flying Fox IT. I created a new recruitment page on our website and I posted this to our social media and on

This job will be a great fit for several people but they may not even be thinking about changing jobs or may not know that this type of job even exists. 

The ideal candidate would be someone who wants to learn how to use the latest technology to help small business owners be as efficient and secure as possible.

Although the job may appeal more to younger people, it is completely open to all ages. It may appeal to back to work mums or dads that may have worked in larger IT teams that do not want the London commute and are looking for a more flexible job. It may appeal to college leavers or graduates that want to work locally or are not excited by working in a big organisation. It may appeal to other people who see this as an opportunity where they can really help change people’s working lives by teaching them the latest technology and empowering them to run sustainable small businesses.

Why do I care so much about small businesses?

Small businesses of 1-9 people provide employment to around 8 million people in the UK. Even more importantly these small businesses are a major part of the supply chain that:

  • keeps the UK fed and watered, (most farms and contractors are small businesses)
  • build and maintain our homes, (builders, electricians, carpenters, plumbers)
  • service our economy – bookkeepers, accountants, solicitors, designers, web developers, consultants, copy writers, etc etc

As of Jan 2015 there were over 5.4 million private sector businesses in the UK. (See Dept of Business, Innovation & Skills Report 2015 )

  • 4.1 million were one person businesses with no employees, (i.e. sole trader or one director)
  • 1.1 million had 1-9 employees

This means that 76% of all UK private sector businesses are just one person. I would bet a lot of money that they are trying to manage all their data, their email, websites, backups, security, social media etc etc all on their own.
98% of all businesses in the UK have between 1-9 people and I would argue that the majority of them also are trying to manage all their technology on their own.

There are not enough people championing the value of our small businesses yet there are millions of them and that figure is increasing all the time. With the right approach ( a well thought out purpose) and with the right people aligned with that purpose, there is an opportunity to make a huge difference to the millions of people that are connected with small businesses.

Using the right technology, businesses can reduce their admin, automate time draining processes, reduce duplication of work, get paid faster, increase sales, have happier staff, have happier customers and ultimately have time to step away from their businesses and spend it with their families and friends.

It is a trainee role only in the training is required sense. What I am really looking for is people who want to help small businesses benefit from smarter, safer systems using the latest tech. I am looking for people who want to help change people’s working lives for the better.

I am looking for people that want to empower other people to run sustainable and happy small businesses.


Jonathan Fox

About the Author

Jonathan Fox is a Cloud Integrator, helping small businesses to securely connect & access their information wherever they are, on any device. Google Cloud Partner and a massive fan of all things Xero.. or follow him on Twitter.

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