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Flying Fox, flying into the arms of Ocius Digital


Waving goodbye and hello – a new chapter

2016 was incredible on so many levels, although it didn’t quite start as I’d have liked. I limped into the new year with a broken leg caused by a paragliding accident. What happened next, over the following 12 months, I still find hard to believe.  An engagement, a wedding and a nationally acclaimed award for my wife. Oh yes, and there’s the small matter of my business, Flying Fox IT, being acquired.

Xero + Xero equals true love

But in February, love and accounting came together in more ways than one. I proposed to my bookkeeper and true love Emma on Valentine’s day. Thankfully, she said yes. That same month, Emma’s company, Fresh Financials, won Xero’s 2016 UK Bookkeeper of the Year Award.

Just six months later, I was approached by Dan Fairbairn from cloud services company Ocius Digital in Australia. With his eye on the UK small business market, Dan proposed Ocius Digital acquire Flying Fox IT. As a result, I would head up Ocius Digital UK as Managing Director.

Life, love and career are now firmly entrenched in the accounting world, but it hasn’t always been that way. I’ll be honest, I’ve never found the world of accounting exciting, but, when Emma asked me to go to Xerocon accounting conference with her in 2013, I relented.

I was very impressed with Xero. I had moved to it from a clunky desktop program that year and yes, that transfer went very smoothly and yes, I now understood my accounts better than ever before, but an accounting conference, seriously??

But I had a lightbulb moment during that two day event.

My mind was buzzing about how Xero could resolve so many IT headaches for so many people. I started in IT support 24 years ago and the amount of frustrating and expensive problems caused by desktop accounting software was incredible. Xero is the answer. There is no better way, and it’s only going to get better and better.

I decided to change the direction of my business and focus purely on helping people to move to the cloud. This started with becoming an Authorised Google Apps Partner and then in 2016, I became a Xero Certified Advisor.

When I caught up with Dan last year in the UK, he started to share his embryonic vision for the future. We discovered quickly that we were on the same page. We’d already worked together remotely, but when we were together, in person, we found that the conversation moved rapidly.

We talked about all the opportunities that are out there for businesses to leverage the power of Xero and the add-ons that are available to them. Those conversations quickly expanded to a ‘what if’ scenario. What if we launched Ocius Digital in the UK? What if we could take the skills, knowledge and experience in Australia and apply it to the UK market?



Here’s what Dan has to say

“Jonathan and Flying Fox IT embody the skills, the passion and the values at the core of Ocius Digital. This acquisition means we can leverage our success in Australia and hit the ground running in the UK.”

I’m really excited about the future. I’m proud to be the Managing Director of Ocius Digital UK. With our skills, knowledge and countless implementations under our belt, we have the opportunity to do something very special for small businesses in the UK.

To read the official press release from Dan, click here – Ocius Digital acquires Flying Fox IT to launch cloud services in UK  And, you can find out more about what we do at

For business owners and trusted advisors who are as excited as we are about these opportunities, we’d love you to get in touch. To start the conversation , email me at or connect with me on Twitter @Ocius_Jonathan.

Jonathan Fox

About the Author

Jonathan Fox is a Cloud Integrator, helping small businesses to securely connect & access their information wherever they are, on any device. Google Cloud Partner and a massive fan of all things Xero.. or follow him on Twitter.

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