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Flying Fox, flying into the arms of Ocius Digital

Waving goodbye and hello – a new chapter 2016 was incredible on so many levels, although it didn’t quite start as I’d have liked. I limped into the new year with a broken leg caused by a paragliding accident. What happened next, over the following 12 months, I still find hard to believe.  An engagement, … Continued

My History, Our Future – The Flying Fox Origin Story

Wherever we work, whatever we do, I think we all share a desire to make a difference. That desire was the driver behind the launch of Flying Fox IT. The Corporate Warrior I first worked within the IT sector as a contractor, supporting a number of large financial institutions, pharmaceutical companies, property investment businesses, construction … Continued

Thank you Practice Ignition :-)

It’s Friday evening, 7pm in Sussex, the sun is still shining and I have a walk on the South Downs planned via a couple of ale houses! But before I leave my desk I wanted to post a huge thank you to the Practice Ignition team for organising a thoroughly enjoyable and interesting event this … Continued

What is Ransomware and how can you protect yourself?

Ransomware is extortion. Pure and simple. It’s a cyber security attack that aims to take control of your computer, rendering it inoperable. In other words – your powerful PC or Mac has turned, very quickly, into a very expensive desk ornament. Before you know it you’re locked out of your system. Relief is promised by … Continued

Want to help me make a difference to more small businesses?

Yesterday I started looking for people who would enjoy being part of our team at Flying Fox IT. I created a new recruitment page on our website and I posted this to our social media and on This job will be a great fit for several people but they may not even be thinking about changing … Continued

Have you recently clicked on a link to a quiz on Facebook?

In the interests of looking out for my family and friends, I’ve jotted down some of my thoughts around these quiz related posts. My advice is to always think twice before clicking on these types of ‘tests’. Once you click the link, you are connecting to a website outside of Facebook, it could be anywhere … Continued

Secure Passwords on the Books

Fresh Financials, with whom we work closely, has been profiled in a new LastPass case study – outlining how they manage and secure sensitive data. Read how this award-winning company manages customer passwords in the LastPass case study – Accounting Firm Puts Secure Passwords on the Books

LastPass 4 Preview

LastPass 4.0 Is Here – completely new design.

LastPass 4.0 features a completely new design as well as a new Sharing Center for easy, secure sharing of team passwords. No action is needed on your part, as automatic updates to LastPass 4.0 will go out incrementally for all browsers on Mac, Windows, and Linux. Though we anticipate you’ll enjoy the new look and feel of … Continued

Do you know how secure your financial data is?

Most small businesses can’t afford to spend a fortune on security experts, automated backups and disaster recovery systems. Small businesses can’t afford around the clock 24/7 security teams monitoring their systems. They don’t have the time or the money needed to securely setup and monitor global data centres. Luckily Xero looks after all of this for … Continued