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We help you secure your Google and Xero data

Your clients trust that your systems are setup securely. But are they? Our job is simple. We protect your reputation as a trusted advisor. We ensure your Google & Xero systems and all your devices are set-up securely.

Peace of mind for Xero Partners who are serious about security.

Watch the video below to discover the role we play with Xero’s Bookkeeping Partner of the Year, Fresh Financials.

I’ve built my business not on fear, but on reality. And, the reality is that your business, my business, and our reputations have never been more vulnerable.

I’ve chosen to work exclusively with Xero Partners. Why? Because you are fundamental to the changing face of accountancy and ultimately the changing face of small business.

I want to give you the Freedom to support your clients. I do that by taking care of your security. By being your trusted security partner. I let you do what you’re great at.

Xero Partners

We work with Xero Partners on cloud integration projects. You know that your clients will benefit from using the best technology. We help you integrate the perfect Xero Add-Ons. And, we provide on-going training and support.

Google Apps

We work with Xero Partners and their clients to help them harness the power of Google Apps for Work. Just like Xero, Google Apps has the potential to transform businesses. Helping you safely and securely collaborate with each other.


We use LastPass to help our clients efficiently manage their passwords. LastPass helps you manage the countless passwords that are such a vital part of our digital lives. It saves you time and more importantly, secures your clients’ data.

Security & Technology Support

We work with Xero Partners who are serious about security. We give you peace of mind that your systems and the valuable data you are trusted with is protected. And, it’s not just your data, it’s also your hard-earned reputation.